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Seit über 25 Jahren setzen führende Unternehmen weltweit Outcome-Driven Innovation® ein, um ihr Wachstum durch erfolgreiche Produkte, Dienstleistungen und Geschäftskonzepte voranzutreiben. Lernen Sie aus konkreten Beispielen.

Erfahren Sie, wie Outcome-Driven Innovation® führenden Unternehmen zu Wachstum aus Innovation verholfen hat.

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Liebherr-Transportation Systems Case Study

Learn how Liebherr-Transportation Systems, a manufacturer of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for vehicles, successfully entered a new market that was dominated by two incumbent companies at the time. Although the market seemed saturated at first glance, outcome-based segmentation enabled Liebherr to identify two attractive customer segments, and to develop a solution that created enthusiasm among their B2B customers.

The case study illustrates Liebherr’s path from identifying most relevant customer segments and their needs, over developing a focused market entry and product strategy to developing a totally new solution concept.

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Mayer & Co Beschläge (MACO) Case Study

Diese Case Study zeigt wie mit Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI) unerfüllte Kundenbedürfnisse in einem scheinbar gesättigten Markt identifiziert werden und wie die Ergebnisse in eine erfolgreiche Markt- und Produktstrategie übersetzt wird.

„Outcome-Driven Innovation® bot einen ganz neuen Blickwinkel auf Markdefinition, Strategiebildung und Innovation. Ein exaktes Verständnis der tatsächlichen Kundenbedürfnisse auf Basis der ‚Aufgabe‘ des Kunden ist Herzstück der Vorgehensweise und Ausgangspunkt für alle Entscheidungen im Innovationsprozess. Das überzeugte uns.“

Robert Andexer, Leitung Geschäftsfeld TÜR

Case Study Gesundheitswesen/Pharma
Abbott Medical Optics Case Study

Operating in over 25 countries, Abbott Medical Optics, or AMO (formerly Advanced Medical Optics), is a leading provider of lenses, insertion systems, laser vision correction systems, and other devices for cataract and refractive surgical procedures. Although it emphasizes technological innovation, AMO operates in markets in which innovative
products are quickly imitated by competitors. To solidify financial returns in this type of market, the company
needs to attract and retain customers through excellent secondary service and support mechanisms.

Case Study Gesundheitswesen/Pharma
Advanced Surgical Tools Case Study

Advanced Surgical Tools (AST) wanted to extend a successful product line into attractive adjacent markets. Surgical tools based on AST’s Unity Technology (technology that enables simultaneous cutting and coagulation) were optimized for and successful in particular surgical contexts (e.g., gynecological, colorectal, and gastrointestinal procedures), but needed modifications if they were to be used for exposure in joint replacement and spine surgeries—high-volume procedures for which AST had low market penetration.

Case Study Konsumgüter
Arm & Hammer Case Study

Arm & Hammer’s Animal Nutrition business (Church & Dwight) was determined to grow. Scott Druker, director of the business, chose to employ Strategyn and its Outcome-Driven Innovation methodology to formulate and drive its growth strategy. A mere year after adopting Strategyn’s “jobs-to-be-done” thinking, the business had experienced double digit growth, far outpacing its competitors. Scott sat down with Strategyn’s founder, Tony Ulwick, to talk about the remarkable journey.

Case Study Industrie
Bosch Case Study

In 2001, the Robert Bosch Tool Company decided to enter the North American professional circular saw market. Many challenges stood in the way of their success. Randall Coe, director of product development, notes that management had four key objectives in mind: “We wanted to (1) enter the market with a saw that reflected the high-quality image carried by the Bosch name, (2) compete effectively and outperform the products produced by DeWalt and other competitors in the U.S. market, (3) ensure our product would be carried by the big-box retailers, e.g., Home Depot and Lowe’s, and (4) price the resulting product at a competitive industry Price point while yielding the desired profit margin.”

Case Study Technologie
Ceridian Case Study

A leading provider of outsourcing services, Ceridian provides its corporate clients with HR, payroll, and benefits administration services while serving as the first line of contact for client employees who have HR-related questions. For many of its clients, Ceridian becomes the company’s HR department and has daily interaction with client employees.

Case Study Services
Harte Hanks Case Study

Harte Hanks (HH) and Strategyn co-developed a strategic marketing service based on the premise that just as consumers “hire” products to do specific jobs, they also hire retailers to help them execute the “buying job” as they proceed along their buyer’s journey. To test the efficacy of this new service, HH and Strategyn focused on looking for strategic opportunities to help struggling brick-and-mortar businesses fight back against the relentless pressure from online competition.

Case Study Industrie
Huber Case Study

Huber Engineered Woods, a manufacturer of oriented strand board, sheathing, and related building materials, was looking to expand their growth, perhaps even to acquire new technologies to do so, but the financial risks gave them pause. Embracing Strategyn’s Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) approach let them see their market in a whole new way. What was Huber’s breakthrough solution? They’d already created it. Calvin Trumbo, Huber’s director of business development, talked with Strategyn’s founder, Tony Ulwick, about the journey to that discovery.

Case Study Industrie
Hussmann Case Study

Ingersoll Rand’s Hussmann division decided in 2009 to reexamine its LED product line. Used to illuminate refrigeration cases for cold beverages and perishable and frozen foods, the product line offered reduced operating costs—especially when compared with fluorescent lighting. But in the four years following the launch of the product line, Hussmann had seen little reaction from customers. Convenience stores, supermarkets, and warehouse stores simply didn’t warm up to the idea.

Case Study Gesundheitswesen/Pharma
ITI Scotland Case Study

ITI Scotland announced it would invest £7.9m over three and a half years in the development of an advanced
wound care technology platform. The ultimate goal was to develop a point-of-care diagnostic platform that could be readily applied to aid the diagnosis and monitoring of chronic wound infection, both in clinical and community environments. Specifically, diabetes-related wounds were recognized as a primary target for application.

Case Study Technologie
Kroll Fraud Solutions Case Study

In 2008, Kroll Fraud Solutions, a division of the risk consultancy firm Kroll, was already at the forefront in helping organizations respond to data breaches. But with market demand growing, aggressive new competitors were emerging. To maintain its leadership position, Kroll needed a strategy built around a comprehensive understanding of what an organization is trying to get done when it is responding to a data breach.

Case Study Technologie
Kroll Ontrack Case Study

In late 2001, Kroll Ontrack was faced with a strategic opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity lay in the potential market for an electronic document discovery solution for the legal industry. The challenge? Creating an effective market strategy for a business still in its infancy.

Case Study Technologie
Microsoft Case Study

In 2004, Microsoft was under pressure to build additional value into its Software Assurance offering. In exchange for a flat fee, corporate customers received operating System upgrade rights if they signed a multiyear contract. However, there was mounting evidence that the offering was not providing the right mix of benefits to customers at a time when IT budgets were facing increased scrutiny. Microsoft was aware that some key customers were questioning the value of the offering. Even more telling, renewals of Software Assurance agreements were declining, putting a significant amount of potential revenue at risk. “We were a business facing a potential crisis,” recalls Dave Wascha, a Microsoft director.

Case Study Technologie
Streema Radio Case Study

Streema, a startup offering live radio content online, has been working with Strategyn to tackle the common challenges of growing a young company and developing its core product. We asked co-founder Martin Siniawski to reflect on his journey and to share his thoughts on how Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) was used as a customer-centric framework for their product development and market research efforts.

Case Study Industrie
Technetics Group Case Study

“We had an advanced product, the Gylon Bio Pro seal, that we thought would be very valuable to the pharmaceuticals industry,” reports Michel Lefrançois, the director of R&D of TGF in Europe. “But when we showed the seal to maintenance managers, who are the main contacts for our sales force, they weren’t very interested.”


Florian Schütz

New Business Development / Borealis

“First, we applied ODI & JTBD in New Business Development and are now integrating it group wide as one part of a market-driven innovation initiative.“ 

Peter Höllerbauer

Kompetenzzentrum Innovation & Produktenwicklung / Linz AG

“Wir haben schon verschiedenste Marktforschungen durchgeführt, aber Outcome-Driven Innovation® hebt sich deutlich von diesen ab, was Insight und Ergebnistiefe betrifft. Darauf können wir unsere Innovationsstrategie perfekt aufbauen.”

Florian Dahm

Strategic Marketing / PERI GmbH

“Peri is strongly committed to a customer centric approach in business development. Edizon actively helps us to introduce Jobs-to-be-Done as a common needs language. The Outcome-Driven Innovation process puts Jobs-to-be-Done into action and guides our business development on a cross-functional level, from strategy to product management, marketing and sales.“

Zurich Insurance Company

Innovation Manager Customer Innovation / Zurich Insurance Company

“Wir sind mit den ODI-Ergebnissen und der gelieferten Qualität von Edizon sehr zufrieden. Die Ergebnisse haben uns geholfen, die Bereiche mit dem höchsten Innovationspotential zu priorisieren.“

Simona Skerjanec

Life Cycle Leader / Ocrelizumab F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG

“I am a big fan of Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) as a methodology to help us better understand the customer needs. We’re asking them about what they truly know – their jobs. I’ve used it in different settings for various products and I was always able to uncover the important insights. These insights helped us develop more innovative solutions for our customers or position the product in the market segment with highly unsatisfied needs.”

Andrea Wirth

Manager Product Planning & Market Research / Mitsubishi R&D Europe GmbH

“In more than 20 years of practice in (strategic market insights and) research targeted to product development I never came across such a valuable and constructive approach as Job-to-be-Done and Outcome-Driven Innovation. It is definitely a best practice to uncover actionable customer needs, to generate innovation and reveal business opportunities in the automotive industry.“

Timo Snoeren

Managing Director / Worthington Cylinders GmbH

“It’s easy to build a strategy once you have stable fundaments to build it on. Jobs-to-be-Done delivers those fundaments to build successful strategies.”

Karl-Heinz Mayer

Director of Innovation Management / Eaton Industries

“We had a product ready and suddenly ‘the market disappeared‘. To make sure this does not happen again we were looking for support and found Edizon. We already did some projects together and now we are doing internal trainings to implement ODI in our organization“

Mark Veldhoen

Innovation & Growth Analyst / Riwal

“Riwal wanted to understand the needs of construction site managers better when it comes to ‘enabling workers to work at height‘. We had a couple of learnings about planning, monitoring work progress and safety management. The ODI method really opened my eyes and with the information’s about our customers‘ needs we could address solutions to this needs in our digital rental platform.“

Marco De Polo

Global Head Growth Acceleration - Insights & Open Innovation / Roche Diabetes Care

“Edizons’ Outcome-Driven Innovation approach finally allowed us to truly understand what customers are trying to achieve, independent of any solutions. Edizon opened our eyes regarding the ultimate unit of measure to identify growth opportunities and growth strategies: the jobs and outcomes customers are trying to get done that then define the opportunity landscape.”

Gerald Steiner

Vice President / Digitalization Voith Paper GmbH & Co. KG

“Using the Outcome-Driven-Innovation® methodology to enhance innovation within a digital context enabled us to identify the basis for possible digital solutions. Accepting core needs in order to find either a digital or non-digital solution to get the Job-do-be-Done is the first step for a successful innovation process. With Edizon we found the right partner to identify and quantify unmet customer needs in a structured way!”

Dr. Henning Bork

Director Strategy / ASM Assembly Systems

“Job-to-be-Done methodology helps ASM to open the aperture and refocus from Equipment (Product) based thinking to customer (job) centric thinking.”

Robert Andexer

Leitung Geschäftsfeld Tür / Mayer & Co Beschläge GmbH

“ODI Studien sind nicht nur eine Momentaufnahme, sondern bieten Insights und Wissensvorsprung für lange Zeit. Jahre nach dem Projekt konnten wir aus einem Radikalkonzept von damals einen revolutionären Prototypen entwickeln, der bei der Branchen-Leitmesse sensationellen Zuspruch erhielt. So können wir nun auch noch Jahre später von der Studie profitieren, die Regeln in der Branche neu definieren und uns Innovationsvorsprung nachhaltig sichern.”

Wolfram Nagel

Senior User Experience Designer / TeamViewer

“Visited one of Edizon’s workshops and absolutely enjoyed it. I learned a lot and got an even better idea of what ODI means and how to apply it in practice. Great discussions and insights – these were two very insightful days! Thank you for that.“

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