Our mission as Edizon

Over 12 years, Strategyn iip successfully introduced Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) with Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI) in the DACH market.

In 2019, we embarked on the next leg of this journey: under the new brand Edizon we expand our services even further to meet the needs of our customers in the future. 

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Those who are dedicated to innovation will adjust their course everytime it's necessary - so do we.

Why Edizon? What do we stand for?

Inspired by Thomas A. Edison, we combined his last name with “horizon” to create our brand name.
As a pioneer of his time he lay the foundation for what we now call the “needs-first” approach to innovation. In fact, the very gateway to his innovations was his profound understanding and deep knowledge of customer needs.

Edizon helps you uncover customers' real needs and reveals new horizons for our clients’ growth.

Essentially, this is what we still do when we combine the Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) concept with the Outcome-Driven Innovation® method (ODI).
By implementing this line of thinking we make innovation a more efficient and predictable process, making it the key growth factor for customers.
86% of products developed with the ODI® method have been rated as successful, proving five times more efficient than traditional innovation methods.

“JTBD is the talk of the town”, So, what sets us apart from other innovation and strategy consulting firms who also apply the Jobs-to-be-Done philosophy?
Take musical tastes as an example. Would you rather listen to a cover band or the original?

  • As a Strategyn partner we are the original and provide a “line up” that cares for our clients internationally.
  • Our procedures correspond to Strategyn’s founder and CEO Anthony W. Ulwick’s publications and patents. As such, Edizon guarantees highest quality customer-centric growth strategies and vouches for cutting edge method development.
  • In alliance with our USA partner we have the capacity to handle projects simultaneously and transnationally.
  • This valuable partnership and 29 years of experience implementing the method are reflected in the reviews of leading companies.
  • Our highly skilled employees bring a range of expertise to the table and are able to conduct the method in a range of languages (English, German, Italian, French, Dutch etc.) which proves essential for internationally operating firms.

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