Innovation Training at the JTBD Institute Europe


Our mission is to increase and convey knowledge on the Jobs-to-be-Done theory and the Outcome-Driven Innovation® process, to empower innovators in creating valuable solutions that people love. The mission can be broken down into four specific “jobs”:

  • Convey knowledge on customer-centric innovation with JTBD+ODI through innovation trainings, blogs and publications,
  • Facilitate a cross-industry community of innovators on customer-centric innovation with JTBD+ODI through online and personal networking channels,
  • Appreciate achievements in JTBD+ODI knowledge transfer through certificates, 
  • Increase knowledge on customer-centric innovation with JTBD+ODI through research with Tony Ulwick and scientists.

Different target groups receive individual knowledge in different formats. 

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Innovation training at the latest level of knowledge. 

Our formats include the following:

JTBD Training Packages: Book 2 charged JTBD trainings at once and get -20% discount for each (also valid for JTBD E-Learning). You already attended a training of our JTBD Institute? Get -20% discount for each JTBD training within 1 year.

Use innovation trainings and develop your organization into a customer centric and job-based organization. We also offer you a cost-effective e-learning platform to quickly gain a first insight into the Job-to-be-Done thinking.

Here you can find the Terms & Conditions for our events.

Jobs-to-be-Done with ODI delivers customer-centric growth strategies for the following topics:

  • Innovation Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Market Strategy
  • New Business Strategy
  • Digitalization Strategy
  • Customer-Experience Strategy
  • Application Strategy

Transform your thinking

If you have

  • innovation,
  • product,
  • brand,
  • new business,
  • channel,
  • customer experience
  • or application responsibility

our courses will transform your thinking and your career.

Anthony W. Ulwick, Founder and CEO Strategyn
Honorary President of the JTBD Institute Europe
Award ceremony at the 1st JTBD Summit Europe, March 2019

Books & Papers

Learn more about Jobs-to-be-Done and Outcome-Driven Innovation®. Download the latest book, White Papers and Articles in the original version from Strategyn with an abstract vom Edizon.

Anthony W. Ulwick and Perrin Hamilton

The JTBD Growth Strategy Matrix

This article provides a new perspective on understanding innovation strategies and deciding with strategy (or strategies) a company …

Anthony W. Ulwick

Building a Customer Centric Culture of Innovation

Customer orientation is not a novelty to managerial practice but there are still exceedingly few companies to be …

G. Steinwender, M. Pattera, R. Zehetner

Designing Customer-Centric Ecosystems With JTBD Theory

Ecosystems and platforms are changing the rules of competition and often completely upending the way value is created. …

G. Steinwender, M. Pattera, R. Zehetner

JTBD Based Innovation Management System

Despite the enormous strategic relevance of innovations in terms of securing the future of the company, many innovation …

ANTHONY W. ULWICK and Lance A. Bettencourt

Giving Customers a Fair Hearing

With a clear Definition of what a Customer Need is, companies are able to get Inputs that are …

Sarah Miller Caldicott

What Would Edison Say?

Written by the great-grandniece of Thomas A. Edison, this article examines the basic paradigms and the approach to …

Anthony W. Ulwick

What is Innovation?

Jobs-to-be-Done is best defined as a perspective — a lens through which you can observe markets, customers, needs, …

Jim Kalbach

The Jobs To Be Done Playbook

These days, consumers have real power: they can research companies, compare ratings, and find alternatives with a simple …

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Innovation-Track-Record Study

Companies have a five times higher success rate in their innovation activities when they use Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI). …

Anthony W. Ulwick

What Customers Want

In a book that challenges everything you have learned about being customer driven, internationally acclaimed innovation leader Anthony …

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