Uncover what your customers really want

Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) is the most powerful approach in innovation management. It offers a new perspective in looking at markets, customers, needs, segments and competitors and enables companies to find growth opportunities that are hidden to others.

Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI) is the strategy & innovation process that implements the Jobs-to-be-Done perspective in your company. It helps companies discover what their customers really want and leads to solid growth strategies. ODI turns innovation into a controllable business process with 86% success rate.

JTBD + ODI was developed by innovation pioneer Anthony W. Ulwick with the vision to innovate the strategy & innovation process. He introduced the concept to a greater audience in his groundbreaking book “What Customers Want” (2005). In 2016, he published his latest book “Jobs to be Done: Theory to Practice”. Tony is still mastermind behind the methodology and continues to develop it further in his consulting firm Strategyn, Inc.


"Formulate successful growth strategies based on a deep understanding of customer needs." Anthony W. Ulwick

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